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Floral Friday Fotos N° #34/2018

 N° #34/2018

Ich betreibe ja noch den Blog meines Kindergartens und dort hatte ich gestern erzählt, wie die mehrfarbige Tulpe zustande gekommen ist
 Hier   nachzulesen.


I still run the blog of my kindergarten and there I told yesterday how the multicolored tulip came about.
For our little researchers, we are always on the look-out for experiments that they can do themselves. This time it should illustrate the water system of a flower!


(My colleague got tulips and ink, cut the flowers at an angle, and showed the kids what it looks like. The children were now allowed to put their tulips in the glasses with the colored ink.

It is more difficult if you want to have a multi-colored flower. We had to help then.

The style was split into 4 parts and each placed in a different colored vessel. Pretty soon you can watch the result!)


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