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Blue Monday N° #16

N° #16

These shoes hanging in Flensburg (northern Germany)

To throw up shoes on power lines is a tradition, but no one knows exactly why. Many explanations exist, but it is not clear enough.
Furthest back a legend to come from Scotland: A suspended pair of shoes near a house symbolizes consequently there for centuries that a man has lost his innocence recently.

Most explanations come from the United States, ranging from students or students who celebrate graduation with the ritual, to soldiers who want to put at the end of military service with the union of their combat boots over cable or fences a character.
Widespread there are also shoetrees, trees that hung all over with shoes and found mainly on roads.

And here is probably the best story of the origins of this tradition: One lonely Poplar on Highway 50 in Nevada, dangling from the hundreds of couples. The first pair is - his early 90s flew through the air - on tales. A couple quarreled on the way to the wedding, the groom threw the shoes in anger his fiancée on a branch. Because the couple did not make it, they herunterzuholen again, they were talking about - and got on. Many travelers will be followed this example.

Smiling Sally

Anne Seltmann 05.01.2015, 07.03

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2. von Sally

Hi Anne,

As an American, many times I have seen and wondered about those hanging shoes. Strange custom.

Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!

vom 05.01.2015, 15.57
1. von bj

Very strange...I am an American and have seen only one pair of shoes on telephone wires...thanks for sharing this with us. Happy Blues
:habe fertig:

vom 05.01.2015, 15.12
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